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Home delivery & returns, done properly.

If your business does home delivery, send it with DSE.

Whatever your business delivers, from small low-cost knickknacks to large expensive tech, the delivery company you use is representing your brand (and your chances of repeat business) at one of the most crucial timepoints in your customer’s journey.

How fast it gets there, the condition in which it arrives, the care and consideration shown by the delivery team, how easy it is to return something… these are all critical service factors that reflect directly back on you.

Do delivery with DSE, where your brand is in safe hands.


Choose DSE for delivery

Here’s why businesses leave their brand in our hands

Speed & reliability

The Covid-19 pandemic pushed millions of businesses into a delivery format, the postal system is stressed and conventional couriers are struggling with the load.

DSE is a completely self-contained super-powered delivery machine – nothing stops us being on time.


Care & consideration

You don’t need us to tell you any stories about broken boxes, damaged goods and unhelpful delivery drivers – you probably have plenty of your own.

At DSE, getting your delivery there on time is only half the story, we look after your customers like they’re our own.


People & vehicles

One of the secrets to the success of DSE deliveries is that we don’t cut corners in caring for our staff or our vehicles – we’re happy to pay good money caring for both.

And that consideration flows through into the service and the smile your customers receive with their delivery.


At DSE, driving the delivery trucks is just the start

Through every stage in your customers’ journey, we’ve got your back

API on board

If you want we can plug-in smart integrations to your delivery systems.

Care for your customers

Your customers are our customers & we keep in touch with them directly.

Real-time updates

Leading edge update systems keep everyone across real-time ETAs.

Your brand ambassadors

DSE is not driven by profit, all we care about is representing your reputation.

What Australia Post won’t do

Aus Post can do your small packages, but if it’s bulky, big, or needs TLC, call DSE.

No doorstep too far

There’s no profit-centric refusal to deliver at DSE, we’ll take your brand anywhere.

Choose the vehicle that’s right for you

Vehicle Guide - Local / Intrastate / Interstate

parcel trucks

1-2T Vans
1-6T Pans

  • 1-2T Vans can carry between 1-3 pallets
  • 1-4T Pans can carry between 3-6 pallets
  • 6T Pans can carry between 5-10 palletsParcel
light rigid truck

1-2T Flats
1-2T Utes

  • 1-2T Flats can carry 3-6 pallets
  • 1-4T Pans can carry between 2-3 pallets
medium rigid truck


  • 4T can carry 6-8 Pallets
  • 6T can carry up to 10 pallets
  • 8T can carry up to 12 pallets
heavy rigid truck


  • 10T can carry between 12-14 pallets
  • 12T can carry between 12-14 pallets
  • 14T can carry between 12-16 pallets
semi trialer truck

Semi trailers

  • Semi trailers can carry 22-24 pallets
  • B-Doubles can carry up to 34 pallets
furniture removal truck
  • 30-60 Cubic
*This is a guide only as there are many configurations of vehicle sizes, accessories and capacity. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Whatever load you need hauling, you’ll love how DSE Transport does things.

Offices & trucks in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & everywhere in between.
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Need dedicated trucks to deliver?
Plug in to your personalised online platform.

When it comes to truck logistics, DSE’s leading edge-technology means leading-edge convenience for you, non-stop.

  • Easy, efficient ordering

    Punch in the job details, pick your vehicle & select how to pay – it’s as simple as that.

  • Live tracking & accountability

    Track your job, see pics of your vehicle & real-time compliance cross-checks.

  • Handy user-friendly admin

    View route history, see proof of delivery, manage invoices & more.

  • Any device, any time

    The days when you had to arrange haulage at your desk are done – plug in anywhere.

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If your business would benefit from precision-driven, highly efficient haulage solutions…
…we’ll show you the way.

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