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Welcome to DSE Transport. Your path to successful delivery.

If you need to get goods or parcels to any corner of Australia on dedicated trucks, meet the team of trucking and logistics experts who’ve been at the leading-edge of Australian road freight since 1994.

Mechanical excellence, devotion to innovation, 1st class service. It’s how we do things at DSE.

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Delivering service excellence, by name & by nature for more than 25 years

Real people, who really care

From the moment you first call and speak to one of our friendly operators, you’ll be looked after by trucking professionals who pride themselves on delivering 1st class service at every turn.

A truly national network

Many freight companies promise national coverage, but few can actually deliver it. DSE has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and plenty of trucks in-between.

Reputation is everything

For 25 years and counting DSE Transport has been fuelled by a commitment to honesty and transparency in all that we do. Reputation, word of mouth and your recommendation is what drives us.

Valued, respected staff

The 1st class service and impressive results you get from DSE is only made possible by the high performing people on our team… so we look after them, we value them and we give them the respect they deserve.

Safety is in our DNA

If a relentless dedication to safety is not in your bones, then you can’t work for DSE Transport – it’s that simple. Because excellence and innovation in safety and compliance runs at the core of how we do things.

Your feedback is king

The key to continually enhancing the service you get, is asking what you think. So whatever you’ve engaged us for, from the smallest one-off job to large national logistics, your feedback and ideas are what fuels our success.

Whatever load you need hauling, you’ll love how DSE Transport does things.

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Offices & trucks in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & everywhere in between.
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Why discerning businesses across Australia choose DSE for dedicated trucks

trucking expertise

Precision & Expertise

For 25 years and counting, DSE Transport has been dedicated to perfecting the delivery of haulage services, building unrivalled knowledge and a leading reputation along the way.

truck service and support

Service & Support

From the moment you get in touch and speak to a real person, to the easy online management of your job, to the first class customer support… at the core of everything we do, is you.

truck safety and compliance

Safety & Compliance

Nothing is more crucial than impeccable operational safety and complete compliance with industry regulations… so we make it our business to be a leader in both.

fast and friendly support

Quick & Easy

As a DSE customer you get access to our super user-friendly online platform on any device, where you can order a job, track your vehicle, review job history & manage invoices and PODs.

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Need dedicated trucks to deliver?
Plug in to your personalised online platform.

When it comes to truck logistics, DSE’s leading edge-technology means leading-edge convenience for you, non-stop.

  • Easy, efficient ordering

    Punch in the job details, pick your vehicle & select how to pay – it’s as simple as that.

  • Live tracking & accountability

    Track your job, see pics of your vehicle & real-time compliance cross-checks.

  • Handy user-friendly admin

    View route history, see proof of delivery, manage invoices & more.

  • Any device, any time

    The days when you had to arrange haulage at your desk are done – plug in anywhere.

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If your business would benefit from precision-driven, highly efficient haulage solutions…
…we’ll show you the way.

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