Established in 1994, DSE has decades of experience in Delivering Service Excellence (DSE) to the transport industry. We are proudly Australian owned and managed by our original founder.

We have succeeded over the years and grown to where we are by providing honest communication and ensuring we always deliver value to our customers. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and the trucks to service the areas in-between, we have the transport solution, you require.

  • Customer bookings made easy along with confirmation of jobs and costings as needing. All interaction with DSE could be done over a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Real time driver GPS tracking and on jobs communication during Taxi Truck and Linehaul work. All drivers permanent or casual to any destination. Full history of job including all photographic requirements of the job (POD’s etc) and actual journey distance and time are visible with full costings, toll charges as needed.
  • Administration of jobs is made easy. All previous, current and future jobs are visible along with current payment status. Credit limits and terms editable as needed. Ability to add credit cards for easy payment.
  • Ability to rate our drivers. This improves the fleet quality and rewards high performance drivers with positive feedback.
  • All drivers licencing, registration, insurances and qualifications information expiry dates are part of our overall internal compliance algorithms that take travel distance, available time and carrying capacity and alike into account for every trip. This ensures only qualified, licenced and up to date drivers & vehicles safely carry your product. Compliance standards, Training Requirements, Induction Requirements & Qualifications Requirements can be customised to your business. Contact us for more detail.
  • Your customers (if you wish) can receive a link per load so they can also track the drivers GPS while on your job.
  • Notifications over platform on jobs, prices, job start, and job finish keep you up to date.
  • You get a real person over the phone or live chat over our platform.
  • We provide informed and prompt information and quotations. Knowledge and support for bookings.
  • We treat all drivers with respect and value their contribution to the company. This is inline with our core values yet hold them to a high standard. DSE reward driver efforts with 1 year, 5 year and 10 year recognitions and recognise driver of the year in every state annually, go to greater lengths to keep and reward quality.
  • Fatigue & compliance knowledge throughout our staff and especially our key people keep DSE relevant and professional. We value safety and compliance first and look to be industry leader in our market
  • Customer service focused to communicate promptly, knowledgably and honestly in all situations with customers, drivers and staff. This means you can rely on what your told and telling you customers.